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Nana V.1 by Ai Yazawa July 15, 2009

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Nana Volume 1







Nana V. 1

Ai Yazawa

San Francisco, Ca: VIZ Media, 2005

ISBN:  1421501082

Age:  15-18


Nana is a graphic novel about two 20 year old girls who share the same name.  Nana Komatsu is an attractive young woman who has bad luck with the men she dates.   Nana Komatsu follows her latest “boyfriend” to Tokyo after he is transferred there for work.  In Tokyo Nana Komatsu found love with a young man named Shoji.  Volume one ends with Nana and Shoji having a long distant relationship as Nana Komatsu works to earn enough money to go to college. 

Nana Osaki is the opposite of Nana Komatsu.  Nana Osaki is a confident outgoing woman who dreams of becoming Japan’s number one rock star.   Nana Osaki lives with her band mate and boyfriend, Ren Honjo.  She heads off to Tokyo to pursue her dream after Ren is offered a position in another band.  Nana Osaki’s and Ren’s relationship ends after 1 year and 3 months of living together. 

Volume one of Nana begins with an introduction to the two Nana’s who will eventually meet up in Tokyo and become best friends. This graphic novel wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It was interesting to read about the two Nanas.  The illustrations are very helpful in drawing the reader into the story.  This story is about friendship, heartache, and love. 

The cover of the graphic Novel is different than many of the teen novels that I have seen.  The cover is of a girls sitting in front of a window in an impartment reading a newspaper.  The cover is attractive for an older teen because of the mature illustrations on the cover.