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The Luxe by Anna Godberson July 15, 2009

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the luxe







The Luxe

Anna Godgersen

New York: HarperTeen, 2007

ISBN: 9780061345661

Age: 15-18


The Luxe is set in a New York City in 1899.  The story is about four young girls each with different personalities and stations.  18 year old Elizabeth, the good girl of the story, strives to follow society’s rules and to please her mother while secreting meeting Will her family’s coachman.   Elizabeth falls in love with Will and is heartbroken because she is being forced into an unwanted marriage to Henry Schoonmaker. 

16 year old Diana is the opposite of demure polite Elizabeth.  Dianna is so out of control with her behavior chasing after young men for that extra something special that may be found in a kiss.  Dianna is after excitement and has no fear of being caught.  She just doesn’t care what society thinks. 

Penelope Hayes is supposed to be Elizabeth’s best friend, but she secretly begins plotting to destroy Elizabeth’s future.  Penelope has become Elizabeth’s enemy after Elizabeth supposedly steals Penelope’s “man.” 

Lina Broud is Elizabeth’s maid is a proud young woman who dreams of becoming a part of high society.  Elizabeth and Lina use to be friends, but now Elizabeth seems too busy to spend any time with Lina.  Lina becomes hurt and angry at Elizabeth for what Lina perceives as being ungrateful.  Lina finds out Elizabeth’s secrets and plans on using them as a way to move up the social lad

For a historical fiction novel this story is pretty good.  It grabs the reader’s attention right off the bat with describing Elizabeth’s funeral.  The very next chapter then goes back over the events that led up to the funeral.  Usually when reading a historical novel I am bored out of my mind, but this novel doesn’t drone on about historical facts.  No, it leads the reader through the everyday lives of the four girls above and the people in their lives.  The historical facts are just a part of the story.  The cover of the book with the girl wearing the beautiful dress along with the title really caught my attention.  Teens will enjoy this historical story without even being aware that they are reading about history.



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